Our Approach

Every marketer can experience pain in their daily lives trying to keep up with it all. Hire us to be your pain reliever.

We can diagnose what really ails you.
Think of us as a marketing doctors. We pledge to first do no harm. We won’t commit “consulting malpractice.” That means no hasty cookie-cutter solutions without a thorough examination of your unique situation. We focus on the real issues where you need help.

We are objective because we are neutral.
We are good listeners so we can help you think things through. We won’t jump to conclusions.

We challenge your thinking.
Since we’re not on your payroll, we feel free to provide candid counsel based on never telling you what you want to hear. Our clients say they like the fact that we talk straight, without preconceived ideas. They call us truth tellers which we take very seriously.

We provide you actionable, evidence-based insights.
This allows you to make more informed decisions faster. Everything is moving at hyper-speed today. You can’t afford long, drawn-out processes. Speed is valuable so we don’t waste time. We focus on what’s most important and won’t get distracted with side issues.

We stretch your time.
A new client said that after working with us, she believed our greatest value was that we were like a clock extender. The problem she asked us to solve freed her up to worry about something else.

We won’t waste your money.
If we believe we can help you, we’ll tell you. If we can’t we will tell you that, too. Honestly, we are selective about who we work for and there is only so much time to go around.