You Know Too Damn Much

The Field Guide that Turns Marketing Knowledge into Business Wisdom

“Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.” – Jimi Hendrix

Great marketing isn’t manufactured in a plant. It’s not the result of a prescribed set of ingredients. It can’t be boxed or bottled. It isn’t something that you can reach out and touch. It’s intangible and unique. You know it when you see it, feel it, or hear it. It can generate overwhelming emotions and create surprising reactions. It takes talent. It takes heart. And it takes wisdom.

But we all know too damn much these days. We’re living in a blah, blah, blah world where we are bombarded with too much information that we can never use. What we need is a lot less knowledge and much more wisdom.

This book gives you the gift of time because it is damn short. In only 100 pages you will:

  • Gain wisdom through eleven provocative questions that will both enlighten and frighten you.
  • Learn how to overcome the myths, assumptions, and lies in too many companies.
  • Reset and rethink how to make a marketing difference for your company and career.
  • Overcome “The Curse of Knowledge” that plagues smart people.
  • Learn six ways to discover the hidden truth for greater business success.

That’s just the start.

In less than 90 minutes, you’ll learn ten principles that will have you thinking differently about marketing wisdom for your company and career. 

Here’s what a few readers say.

“This little book had a big impact on me about the importance of thinking differently about knowledge and wisdom.” 

“It’s good to learn these lessons from someone who’s already done it.” 

“Chuck’s insights about customers helped me understand their pain points in a new way.”

“This book is short, sweet, and super. His stories were both entertaining and inspirational.”

“After reading this, I want to become a wisdom keeper, too.”