What We Do

What do we really do at Marketpower?
We have worked on literally every aspect of marketing across many industries, both B2C and B2C. We can help you fuel your growth in a wide variety of ways.

Fueling Business Growth® Marketing Assessment
This service is our key offering. It is a study designed to help assess and fine tune your marketing efforts. It is research-based, field-tested, and fully customized for your situation. The study that reveals how well your marketing capabilities perform and how the talent, tools, and technology inside and outside the organization are currently leveraged to deliver profitable growth.

Discover Hidden Truths
At the heart of great marketing is understanding the actual, not imagined, needs of current, future, and past customers. Your competitive advantage is finding their pain points and turning them into products, services, and experiences that create loyalty. We’ve interviewed over 100,000 people and have discovered the best methods to reveal what you need to know, when you need to know it.

Understand Your Market
We help our clients know more and guess less about what drives and constrains their market opportunities. We use a 5-step process we call the Marketpower Method that discovers, analyzes, interprets, translates, and presents these needs into a vividly clear picture. These insights provide you with a blueprint to create or improve your products, services, and experiences.

Build Brand Wealth
This work includes brand strategy, architecture, identity, and activation. We have had great success in both original brand naming projects for new companies, products, and services as well as full rebranding projects.

Create Customer Delight
In today’s world, customers crave—and demand—a higher level of experience than ever before. To really grasp this, every company needs a thorough understanding of the journeys that customers take to experience your products and services. What are the hoops they must jump through or the hurdles they must overcome? We help clients figure out how to streamline the journey so it’s more pleasurable for the customer and more profitable for the company.

Persuade with Passion
People today are no different than their ancestors. They react to well crafted, emotional stories much more than dry statistics. We help our clients improve their storytelling for both external and internal audiences. It’s amazing how a bit of creativity can transform the messages you need to deliver.

Craft Marketing Strategy
We our experts in helping clients clearly define their strategy using a process we call “Exceptional Value.” Many existing and start-up companies struggle at figuring out the truly exceptional value they bring to the market. Without fully knowing Since everything is driven from a strong strategic position in the market, this is really job one.

You Know Too Damn Much

The Field Guide that Turns Marketing Knowledge into Business Wisdom