Breaking the Rules Can Be Very Profitable

Newsletters April 8, 2024 Chuck Wall Imagine a business in the where customers pay for the privilege of having someone purposely turn his or her back to you.  That only begins to describe the problems that symphonies around the world have faced over the past thirty years.  Classical music has been a victim of a […]

The Power of Me

Newsletters April 8, 2024 Chuck Wall Seinfeld was revolutionary in television entertainment because there were no happy endings each week. The producers held a fast rule of “no hugging, no learning”.   From the beginning of the sitcom genre in the late 1940’s with shows like I Love Lucy, it was mandatory that there was […]

Things either work or they don’t.

Newsletters April 8, 2024 Chuck Wall For customers there really is no middle ground.  The question is why there are so many products that don’t.  In theory, it seems simple enough.  The Balridge Performance Excellence Program is dedicated to improving the competitiveness and performance of U.S. organizations. They define product performance as “performance relative to […]